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Hot Stones

This is a bespoke treatment where smooth, heated stones are used as an extension of my hands. The massage is gentle and warming, and the heat can be deeply soothing and help relax tight muscles, which allows the treatment work more deeply, more quickly. Hot stones can also be used to enhance a Reflexology treatment.

The stones are made from carefully gathered volcanic rocks such as basalt, which are great at retaining heat. They are handcrafted for various sizes, shapes and weights according to what part of the body they will be used on.

Benefits of hot stone massage include:
• Muscle soothing and relaxation
• Easing stress and recharging your energy levels
• Releasing toxins
• Improving blood circulation

There are many health conditions which can be treated with hot stone massage. Some of these include:
• Muscle and back pains
• Arthritis
• Stress, Anxiety
• Circulatory problems
• Insomnia
• Depression

Hot stone massage is wonderful for people who deserve some nurture and pampering, and for warming up on cold winter days.

Hot Stone massage is not suitable if you have any of the following:-
• diabetes
• high blood pressure
• heart disease
• a sunburn
• taking medication which thins your blood
• pregnant
• menopausal, as it could trigger a hot flash

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